Reaching the Global Market


For the CARE-WWF Alliance to succeed in Primeiras e Segundas, partnerships with companies that buy and sell fish from the protected area’s artisanal fishermen are imperative. One such partner is Diamante Mariscos, a company that collaborates with artisanal fishermen and sells local shrimp, lobster, and octopus to national, regional, and global markets.

According to Sorajakshan Sugunanandadas (known as Soraj), one of three owners and the primary on-site manager at Diamante Mariscos, “We sell local fish mostly to European Union countries. Italy and Portugal buy the octopus and shrimp. But the lobster goes to Dubai.” Soraj, originally from India, works closely with local fishermen to create a mutually beneficial way to make a living while fishing sustainably. The company is engaged in early talks with WWF and CARE about the possibility of artisanal farming of sea cucumbers in the waters around Mafamede.

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