Building Key Alliances


Since 2008, WWF and CARE have been collaborating to develop marine sanctuaries here, working with coastal households that rely on fishing for their livelihoods. The focus of the CARE-WWF Alliance is to balance the diverse needs of many kinds of people with the health of the ecosystems on which they rely. It’s a great partnership: CARE has deep expertise in enhancing human livelihoods, and WWF in conserving productive biological diversity on and and in the sea.

Now that Primeiras e Segundas has been formally established, WWF and CARE are working together with government and communities to translate 10 years of scientific studies, community engagement, ranger programs, and education into a legal, broadly implemented management plan. The CARE-WWF Alliance is listening to, training, and seeking new opportunities for fishermen up and down the coast, as well as for the farmers inland.

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