Advanced but Small Wind Turbines


This large scale energy solution utilizes a specific type of wind turbine (such as the Enercon E-44) that is more equipped to deal with volatile wind environments. These turbines has four main benefits: 1) Operate at higher wind speeds 2) Ramps down slowly in case of a storm 3) Can be set to a fixed output 4) Can deliver frequency support

Part of Solution

  • Resilient Energy Production in the Faroe Islands

  • Additional Information

    A example use case of this type of turbine technology is being carried out at the H├║sahagi wind farm in the Faroe Islands. Previously, the Faroe grid has used larger Vestas turbines, but when a sudden storm hit, it wrecked the turbines. These new studier and smaller turbines produce similar energy outputs and can deal with the unpredictable nature of the islands' storm systems.


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