Advanced but Small Wind Turbines


This large scale energy solution utilizes a specific type of wind turbine (such as the Enercon E-44) that is more equipped to deal with volatile wind environments. These turbines has four main benefits: 1) Operate at higher wind speeds 2) Ramps down slowly in case of a storm 3) Can be set to a fixed output 4) Can deliver frequency support

Part of Solution

  • Resilient Energy Production in the Faroe Islands

  • Additional Information

    A example use case of this type of turbine technology is being carried out at the Húsahagi wind farm in the Faroe Islands. Previously, the Faroe grid has used larger Vestas turbines, but when a sudden storm hit, it wrecked the turbines. These new studier and smaller turbines produce similar energy outputs and can deal with the unpredictable nature of the islands' storm systems.


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