Increase the share of wind power in the City’s power mix


Wind power is a well-established renewable power technology but it only represents a small fraction of the City’s mix. The City will work to increase the amount of wind power supplied from the region. It will also work closely with key stakeholders to enhance the viability of large-scale wind projects by increasing demand, lowering costs to meet market electricity prices, and advocating for financial assistance. Key efforts include developing a regional commitment to a pipeline of projects to develop economies of scale and attract more interest from developers; ensuring wind power will be sold under long-term contracts, and working with regulators to change market entry rules to reduce risks and financing costs; identifying port facilities and other locations for assembly and construction staging sites; assessing the availability of interconnection points; and adopting local zoning or other means to streamline and support these projects.

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  • Reduce greenhouse gas emissions from the power sector

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