Expand decentralized power production


Decentralized and district-scale clean energy also have a role to play in meeting our 80 x 50 goal. On-site power generation across a network of decentralized systems, such as CHP systems and community-shared solar photovoltaic (PV) systems can reduce losses associated with transmission and distribution, increase efficiency, and enable a more resilient power system. Through One City: Built to Last, the City committed to supporting community-shared solar PV projects. These installations would use net-metering to bring solar power to new neighborhoods and allow homes and businesses to feed unused energy back into the grid.

Additionally, the City will leverage direct capital investment, power purchase agreements, and emergent solar deployment models to attain the most cost-effective and comprehensive clean energy strategy. As the market develops and available incentives for solar and clean energy shift, the City will adjust its approach to assess and pursue the most desirable pathways to increasing cost-effective low carbon energy throughout its operations.

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  • Reduce greenhouse gas emissions from the power sector

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