Achieve net-zero energy at in-city wastewater treatment plants by 2050


Emissions from the water and wastewater system are responsible for nearly 20 percent of City government emissions and wastewater treatment accounts for 90 percent of that. The City will work to dramatically reduce these emissions with an aim of net-zero energy consumption at in-city wastewater treatment plants by 2050. Improving the efficiency of wastewater treatment, increasing the production of biogas, and capturing and beneficially using all biogas as a renewable energy source will significantly reduce carbon emissions associated with flaring, as well as offset emissions from energy generated from traditional fossil-fuel sources. Over the next decade, the City will achieve further reductions in energy consumption across all of the wastewater treatment plants by decreasing demand, increasing on-site power generation, recovering and reusing biogas, and undertaking co-digestion of organic wastes.

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  • Reduce greenhouse gas emissions from the power sector

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