Preventing Sexual and Gender-Based Violence

This solution addresses sexual and gender-based violence in Kenya for women

  • Child marriage advocacy

Problem Description

Violence against women and girls in Kenya as it is in other parts of the world is an aftermath of profound social systems that advance and proliferate it. Attitudes that generate traditions of terror and encourage the use of violence remain ever present. Brutal expressions of masculinity by men and boys remain widespread with a 2010 Coexist report revealing that violence against women affects one in three women in Kenya. The Coexist Initiative is therefore premised on the fact that gender based violence is caused by unequal relations between women and men with roots in social, economic and political conventions. It works through these outlets to create positive change.

Building Blocks


Much of the work at Coexist is focused on raising awareness of the dangers associated with gender based violence. This through a multiplicity of strategies including capacity building, advocacy, peer education, media programming, tools development, edu- entertainment and community forums. Coexist targets, empowers, and raises the capacities of men and boys across the country because over the years the organization has realized that the deliberate isolation of men and boys in gender programming is a major cause of women and girls' vulnerability. The work has successfully been able to bringing the dialogue about gender based violence into public consciousness and spaces It has shattered the secrecy that has characterized the vice for generation.

Social Progress Index

  • Personal Safety - Are people able to feel safe?
  • Personal Rights - Are people free of restrictions on their rights?
  • Tolerance and Inclusion - Is no one excluded from the opportunity to be a contributing member of society?
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    • Child marriage advocacy


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    • Wanjala Wafula, Coexist Kenya

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