Home Energy Efficiency Auditing and Consulting


Groundswell-- the implementer of this building block-- partners with pre-screened preferred partners to offer a accessible and affordable home energy efficiency audit and improvement program. The first step of this program involves signing up homeowners, preferably those in neighborhoods where the homes are older. When homeowners sign up for the audit, through rebates they can receive 75% off the market price, making the audit relatively affordable at $100.

Once the audit is completed, Groundswell can offer the advice of an "Energy Coach" who can tell you what to do with the information a auditor provides. This individual's only incentive is to act in the homeowner's best interest. They provide only helpful advice during what is often the most difficult part of the audit/improvement process. If the homeowner decides to go ahead with upgrades, this coach can also help them find additional rebates to get up to 50% off upgrade costs.

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