Mixed-Use Development


Mixed-use development calls for using buildings, structures, and land zones that fulfill multiple primary uses. It encourages buildings that vary based on age, designation, price, and other factors; as well as land that fulfills equally diverse roles (not just commercial/business). Because vitality stems from diversity, each type of urban inhabitant and entity should have equal access to their own unique spaces. Promoting mixed-use development means intentionally creating spaces that cater to all urban profiles. In this model expensive, newly constructed, residential condos stand side by side to affordable, 100-year old, business spaces. These are un turn flanked by green space. By placing diverse building and land types near each other, you also increase the density of a city. This leads to other benefits, including more foot traffic, economic activity, and in general, a greater amount of socioeconomic intermingling.

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  • Jane Jacob's Community-based Approach to Urban Planning

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      From Paul Beyer, Director of Smart Growth, Governor's Smart Growth Cabinet, Albany, NY