FoodHub by Ecotrust

This solution addresses sourcing local food in North America for farmers, food distributors, and food buyers

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Problem Description

Sourcing local food can be difficult and time consuming. In order for a restaurant (or other commercial) buyer to source locally they have traditionally only had two options: A) Ask their distributor who may or may not be able to provide them with locally sourced food or B) Spend a lot of time going to farmers markets hoping to make a connection. Neither of these options are robust.

Building Blocks


As one of FoodHub’s early adopters, Lyf Gildersleeve has managed to sell more than a half million dollars worth of product through a 176 square foot shack. To keep the shelves stocked and product fresh, Gildersleeve builds working relationships with local farmers, ranchers and fishermen, and he finds them with FoodHub.

Last year’s list is impressive: 2,000 pounds of Copper River salmon, 2,000 pounds of Chinook salmon, 5,000 pounds of Oregon-caught tuna, 2,000 pounds of Dungeness crab, 2,000 pounds of bay shrimp, plus local pastured eggs, grassfed meats, and other specialties like local Frog Eyes Wasabi. A sampling of FoodHub connections includes Rainshadow El Rancho, Chicken Scratch Farm, Provenance Farm, Reister Farms Lamb, Deck Family Farms, and Buchholz and Son Farms, LLC.


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Contributed By

  • Amanda Oborne, Ecotrust
  • Will Moore