Standalone Solar Power Source


This solution uses standalone solar power as a source of energy. In a world where life changing innovations often take the form of technological devices, it must not be forgotten that these devices still rely on a source of energy to operate. Whether lighting, charging cell phones, or powering "Water ATMs," standalone solar arrays are a increasingly cost effective and viable way to power these devices. Solar power also leads to a decreased reliance on the grid and therefore can be implemented in remote areas. Finally, solar is a clean source of energy and reduces the pressure to use traditionally unsustainable and environmentally damaging fuels.

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  • Deploying a "Water ATM"

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    • Hybr 910 3 pv ireland


    • Solar Power and Sustainability in Developing Countries

      A paper from the College of Basic and Applied Sciences, Middle Tennessee State University: "Many projects capitalizing on solar power have already been implemented in developing countries, and serve as encouraging results for many more to come. In this paper, [topics] will be addressed to exemplify why solar power is the best choice for sustainability and renewable energy in developing countries, and how completed projects and on-going work in remote locations may lay the foundation for standards of excellence in this field."

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