Chenai Street Design Project

This solution addresses congested streets, traffic accidents, and air pollution in Chenai, India for commuters, foot pedestrians, bicyclists

  • Chennai streets

Problem Description

With city populations in places like Chenai, India rapidly expanding, a slew of problems, from air pollution to overcrowding, must be addressed. Chenai has approached one of these issues--street design--in a uniquely bold way. Currently the roads in the city are largely geared towards automotive transportation. The roads are wide and there is little room for either pedestrians or bicyclists to walk about the city. To solve this, the government has created a policy that requires at least 60% of all transportation budget funds to be allocated towards this new initiative.

Building Blocks


Before this solution was implemented, Chenai suffered from more than 10,000 traffic crashes every year. In 2012 the Street Design Project was first implemented and since then 26 streets have received the treatment. On these 26 streets, there have been no reported cases of road crash fatalities. By 2018 the city aims to have built safe and continuous footpaths on at least 80% of all streets, increase the share of walking and cycling trips to over 40%, and, most significantly, eliminate pedestrian and cyclist deaths. The project was chosen as the overall winer for the Sustainia award in 2015.


  • Chennai streets


Organisations Involved

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  • Vikram Kapur, Corporation of Chenai
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