Tracking Broker Progress Towards Zero Deforestation


The Global Canopy Programme created the 'Forest 500' project to track the progress of 500 powerbrokers in investment, corporations, and government, as they aim to cut natural forest loss in half by 2020, and to end it by 2030. Entities are ranked based on their "exposure to forest risk commodity supply chains," and are offered suggestion as to how they can improve their deforestation footprint.

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  • Accelerating the Transition to a Deforestation Free Economy

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    The Forest 500 is the world’s first rainforest rating agency. It identifies and ranks the most influential companies, investors and governments in the race towards a deforestation-free global economy. By objectively identifying and ranking the 500 powerbrokers that have large-scale influence over forest risk commodity supply chains, the Forest 500 holds companies, investors, and governments accountable for their actions. The results and insights from the Forest 500 indicate shortcomings and gaps in powerbrokers’ commitments, highlighting where greater action is required to achieve overarching deforestation commitments. Specifically, the Forest 500 assesses 250 companies, 150 investors and lenders, 50 jurisdictions, and 50 other powerbrokers, each selected based on their exposure to forest risk commodity supply chains.The Forest 500 ranking and analysis will be repeated annually until 2020, to help inform, enable and track progress towards deforestation free supply chains. Identification of powerbrokers will be undertaken biannually to ensure the most important companies, investors and jurisdictions are ranked.


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