Community Knowledge Workers


These Community Knowledge Workers—farmers themselves—are respected in their communities and chosen by their peers. Using smartphone applications, they give their fellow farmers information on weather and marketing prices and advice on caring for their crops and animals and treating pests and diseases. They encourage their peers in the ongoing use of the applications.


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  • CKW Lessons Learned

    Grameen Foundation’s core work centers on providing tools and information to help the poor and the organizations that serve them to reach their full potential. Many of our efforts leverage mobile technology to increase access to essential financial services and information on agriculture and health. Though the program focused on using mobile information services to improve agricultural outcomes, our Community Knowledge Worker (CKW) program in Uganda also surfaced powerful opportunities for the health and financial services sectors. In addition, it provides a platform that contributes to our efforts to provide useful tools and solutions to other poverty-focused organizations. Our “CKW Lessons Learned Report” highlights the evolution of the CKW model and programmatic strategy by sharing candid insights on the many successes, challenges and findings we discovered throughout the past five years of experimentation and scaling. It was compiled using intensive input from past and current Grameen Foundation staff, CKWs and farmers, clients and partners, and key contacts across the ICT4D sector through internal reviews, individual interviews, focus group discussions, and surveys.